There are many perspectives on the higher purpose of the Coronavirus pandemic. From the Cosmic Perspective of the Higher Self all viewpoints have validity.

What I am sharing with you in this transmission [from the Galactic Mayan Timekeepers and Lords of Light of the Great Central Sun] is how this particular virus is acting in service to heal the collective psyche, which has been trapped in fear, as part of the shift to the New Earth template of Light.

On 0202/2020 I released an activation called Cosmic Emergence 2020 [link below] that initiated the melding of the future ascended timeline into the Now, grounding the ascended energies of the New Earth future timeline into the crystalline core of the planet, with the help of the Master Planetary crystals.

Since then, Mother Earth [Gaia] has been distributing these energies gradually through the crystalline grid of the planet, activating a collective awakening.

At the beginning of March a timegate was opened that connects us all, the awakened and the non-awakened, through a common cause that unites all humanity. This common cause has been called the Coronavirus. The clue is in the name. Corona means crown. Whilst the virus is very real at the physical level, and proper precautions must of course be taken, the clue to the real underlying effects are in the crown chakra. The energetic virus that has been revealed is that which has infected the psyche of humanity for thousands of years. It’s an energetic virus that has kept humanity ignorant of their true universal connection and origins. The amazing opportunity we now have is to cleanse and heal this energetic virus, clearing the connection between the Crown and the Heart, and the Crown and the Universal Mind. When energy is able to flow freely between the Earth, humanity and the Universal Source all illusion is dissolved and Truth is clearly seen and felt by All.

Because of this timegate opening and the availability of the cosmic frequencies on the Earth plane, the 144 encoded Emissaries of Light are for the first time able to transmit the cosmic energies of ascension directly into the energetic psyche of those who have yet to awaken. With great Divine Grace and Power the frequencies of unconditional love, kindness, compassion and harmony are more rapidly than ever before clearing the distortions of fear and separation that have infected the collective psyche.

As one of these Emissaries of Light it is vital for you to stay centered and calm in your core, fulfilling your mission to be a beacon for peace, balance and harmony, regardless of your outer conditions. Know this… You are exactly who you meant to be, and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Have absolute faith that Divine Grace will take care of you, because this is the Truth. Surrender into the arms of your Earth Mother and let Her bring you home.

We are literally standing at the crossroads of time, each of us with a choice to make. Do you choose fear, panic and anger or do you choose love, peace and calm. The latter will align you with the energetic pathway of the New Earth and the former will keep you locked in the old paradigm.

It’s important for you to innerstand that at this stage of the mass awakening it is not necessary for all those you know and love, family and friends, to know exactly what is happening from the higher perspective of the ascension process. This is not the time to try to convert others or convince them of anything.
The service that is required of you at this time is to be the change, be the love, be the calm, be the peace, be the compassion and show it through your acts of kindness. Be the true Emissary of Light that you are, an example of the New Earth we are shifting into.

Your number one priority is to support your community. Help those around you stay calm. Show loving kindness to all, extending to the global community. Watch as that loving kindness spreads faster than any virus, infecting all with the higher frequencies of Cosmic Love.

This is the time to chop wood and carry water. Find joy in the little things. Appreciate the simplicity of life. This will all help ground these cosmic energies.

Our whole lives have been building to this moment, and the changes are only going to accelerate and continue to be revealed in miraculous ways. Take note of how quickly the world joined together to adjust to the news of the virus, affecting our collective behaviour in ways that left no one untouched.

Now, integrate the Truth that the shift to cosmic consciousness can and will happen just as quickly. This is just the first stage of a process that will continue to accelerate. There’s no stopping us now! Love has won!

Take this moment of global quietude to connect with the Universal source and the core of Mother Earth from your heart, channeling the sweet surrender, compassion, love, peace and harmony that you came here to be. Feel the love of our Mother and Father flow through you, cleansing every part of your being.

Your power is greater than it has ever been, and the support you have from the loving beings of Light that guide you is immense. The Love surrounding you extinguishes all fear. Have faith in that. Call Divine Grace into your life through your heart and know that you are safe, secure, loved and locked into the New Earth frequencies of joy, love and compassion. Feel the cosmic frequencies of Unity flow through you, as you.

Thank you Coronavirus, for providing this timegate opening that has connected all beings, allowing us all to jump to the New Earth timeline of Cosmic Consciousness.

Blessed be, and so it is.

To connect with the Cosmic Emergence I highly recommend you participate in the 0202/2020 activation here: 

Thank you so much!

Ahtayaa 🙏🏽