Embody Your Divinity With The Golden Ray

Embody Your Divinity With The Golden Ray

There is so much hype around embodying our higher selves.  Bringing spirit into matter is the crux of the great work here on earth.  But how do we really do that?  How does it feel?

No person or book can tell us how it feels to be whole.  It’s something we must experience for ourselves.  But we can receive support, guidance and useful tools to help us on our path.

The embodiment of our higher selves is no small undertaking.  It is the blending of spirit and matter as expressed through our consciousness.  It is the embodiment of Christ.  When our multidimensional bodies are filled with golden light absolutely everything that is blocking the flow of light is brought to the surface with the opportunity to be transmuted.  But it takes strength and courage to look at these aspects of ourselves in the light and let them go.

The golden ray is the energy of source that carries the Christ Consciousness.  The qualities of the golden ray include strength, courage, peace, balance, harmony, love, beauty, joy and creativity.  These are all qualities that are perfectly represented in the Christ mythology.  Strength and courage are particularly important aspects of the golden ray at this time because they help us face our deepest fears and peacefully transmute them.  Removal of all that does not serve us is a prerequisite to embodying our holy higher selves.  And although the process can seem painful, it is absolutely necessary.

When we’re called to the golden ray it’s because we’re ready for transformation.  Truly ready.

The golden ray is such a dynamic force, and it is here to effect real change.  It goes directly to the root cause of every imbalance drawing out blocked energies that are keeping us from allowing the life force to flow through us unencumbered.   The golden ray heals the wound of separation, returning us to to the heart of Creation.  It unites us with All That Is.

As we delve into the mysteries of both religion and science (in their pure forms)  they will all lead us back to one place, the heart.  Each of our heart centres connects us to All That Is.  Our heart centres are interdimensional portals, inner central suns, that can pull through infinite golden light from the source of the universe into our fields. The portals in our heart centres all lead to the same place.  The source of creation.

Through our hearts energy is transformed into matter, directed by our consciousness.  Our hearts hold the wisdom of all possible lifetimes.  It is our consciousness (of which our thoughts are just a part) that chooses what will be manifest into form through our hearts.  We have been closed off to this power for what seems like far too long, but this is now changing with the shift in the cycles.

So, how can we truly connect with our hearts?  Firstly, we must have faith in Divinity.  We must have faith that we are united with All That Is.  Without faith it is difficult to move from the head to the heart, the seat of our true power.

Skepticism is healthy.  We must question everything.  But rather than question first and then experience, we must experience first and then question.  If we question first we are putting up barriers to receiving the miracles that only come from an unencumbered experience of Divinity.  Doubt begets more doubt, so we find ourselves struggling to move out of doubt at all.  It’s a vicious cycle.  We’re affirming we have no power, but this is not true, because we each have ALL the power.

There is no need to doubt.  Trust in the higher power within.  Faith begets knowing.  With time those flashes of knowing we receive become our whole life’s experience.  We truly know and never doubt again.  Only then do we  expand into the fullness of our Holy Higher Selves.

If we approach everything we do with the spirit of faith and hope we will be well on our way to embodying Christ consciousness.

The Divine Solar Feminine and Ascension

The Divine Solar Feminine and Ascension

It’s happening.  We are rapidly approaching the end of a major cycle of fear and separation and entering a new cycle of peace and harmony.

Many thousands of Emissaries of Light are now positioned around the globe, ready to anchor the next influx of high frequency Light that will be reaching us in waves from the Great Central Sun between now and 2018.

These upcoming waves of Light are being channeled to us through the Divine Solar Feminine aspect of the 12th dimensional Golden Ray.  It’s mission is to balance and unify us, within and without, bringing us into alignment with Universal Law and Divine Order.

Outside the central stillpoint of Creation, the universe is always seeking to find balance. The realm of duality is made up of opposites.  There is light/dark, male/female, increase/decrease, ying/yang.  The sun (traditionally all masculine) and moon (traditionally all feminine) have been considered opposites too.  However, in reality this is a gross oversimplification and one that has caused the energies of the masculine and feminine to become misqualified throughout the dark ages.

For many thousands of years, as we passed through a cycle of separation from wholeness, the Earth’s energetic polarity has been tipped in favor of the masculine.  For most of this time the feminine has been undervalued, ignored and in many cases even demonized.

The feminine has been associated with the subconscious, hidden, and often darker side of humanity.  By conceptualizing in this way we forgot that the sun and moon actually contain both polarities, just as we do.  We will only find balance and unity when we remember and embody the Truth that the All is in everything.

As the Earth now moves closer to our source of Light, the Galactic Center, it is necessary for our souls (sols) to be recalibrated so that our light bodies can receive the higher frequencies of Light.

The trigger for this recalibration and activation of our crystalline light bodies is the Divine Solar Feminine aspect of the Golden Ray.  It is being sent with the purpose of bringing the masculine and feminine aspects of the Divine back into unity and balance, uplifting us all with the qualities of peace, balance, harmony, courage, strength, beauty, creativity, unconditional love, compassion, abundance and joy.

The Divine Solar Feminine energies are channeled to us through the Pleiades star system and Venus.  This pathway was chosen by the Creator for a very specific reason. By stepping down the Golden Ray through these predominantly feminine cosmic entities the masculine and feminine polarities of Earth are brought back into balance.

The Mayan civilization revered both the Pleiades and Venus.  They knew that during the dawning of this new cycle these celestial bodies would play an important role in rebalancing our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, thus allowing us to integrate the higher frequencies of Light.

Incarnated into every culture are crystal humans.   Crystal humans are channels for the Golden Ray to enter the Earth’s consciousness grid, activating the diamond light codes, triggering the upgrade of our collective DNA.  When the Light quotient we receive from the Galactic Center is high enough the crystal humans awaken to their purpose.  That time is now.

When our light bodies become crystalline we can embody Christ Consciousness, the experience of wholeness and oneness with the Creator.

The Solar Goddess is here now and She is the key to the next phase of our transition.  She is both nurturing and courageous and She will bring us much comfort during these final phases of transmutation.  May we all feel Her strength in our hearts and Her joy in our souls as we herald the new Golden Age of Peace.

The Three Universal Truths You MUST Accept To Heal Yourself

The Three Universal Truths You MUST Accept To Heal Yourself

A natural reaction to have when first gaining an awareness of the Law of Attraction is to become fearful about all the negative thoughts you have had in your life, especially those that have haunted you recurrently from an early age. For example, Hypochondria is the constant obsessing about one’s health, always fearful that one has a serious disease. One could surmise therefore that the Law of Attraction will bring those serious illnesses into reality, and to some extent maybe this is true. Fear of being rejected is another self-limiting belief held by many people, and it is true that this fear may be the very reason some people experience consistent rejection in life. These are just a couple of the numerous fears that affect humanity today like an epidemic, stemming from deep trauma, often with roots in past lifetimes.

There is no doubt about it, we currently live in a world that is to a large extent built on a foundation of fear. Many human beings on this planet live day to day just to survive. It could be that souls have been poisoned with fear for many lifetimes, trapped in a downward cycle of negativity. The more we fear the more we attract fear. So yes, it’s possible that we have attracted disease, rejection, pain and suffering into our lives because of our thoughts, and often due to karmic attachments. When we focus on this possibility we can feel helpless and overcome with yet more fear, and so the cycle continues. We examine the negative thoughts we’ve had in our lives and worry that we will soon see the manifestation of those fears, if we haven’t already.

So how do we stop this cycle of fear and heal the negative manifestations in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies?

There are three Universal Truths that we must accept if we are to heal all dis-ease:

  1. Through Our Connection to God/Source/The Universe we each have the innate power to heal all dis-ease.
  2. All ‘dis-ease’ is manifested in fear consciousness.
  3. All healing is manifested in love consciousness

Even when we have awoken and begun to work towards enlightenment and Oneness with our Creator, we are still carrying around negative energy in our fields. In fact, acceptance of our Divinity is only the beginning of what can be an arduous journey that requires much strength and patience. The journey of healing is the process of transmuting all dense energy from the energy field. As we cleanse and purify we release that which does not serve us, allowing space for higher levels of light and love consciousness to enter our body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). As we shine light on our fears we have to face them, and so this is when what we have created from the level of fear consciousness becomes apparent, staring us right in the face. At this point we can either run and retreat back into fear, or we can face the outcome of our negativity and gather all our strength and power to overcome those fears from the higher levels of love consciousness.

We stand at a crossroads. What do we do, hide in fear, or run towards the light? At this point in our journey, faith in our connection with the One Source becomes our strength and our guide. We must know deep within our hearts that we are connected to the perfection of the Source of All That Is, where all possibility for healing resides. We must realise that we are a fragment of that One Source and that we have access to that perfection. In order to bring about healing of any dis-ease, no matter how hopeless it may seem, we must have absolute faith in our Divinity. Without that faith, we cannot reach the heights of perfection and call forth the highest energies of Light to assist us in our healing.

The next stage of the journey is to understand that no dis-ease can be healed from the level of consciousness that created it. That which was created in fear, must be healed in Love. We must work constantly to raise our vibration and thus the level of consciousness from which we operate. There is no one way to do this, but it does require commitment to a spiritual path, patience and perseverance. The journey will bring many doubts and challenges physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you shed the layers of fear that have kept your True Light hidden. With each layer released you will reveal those fears that lie in the deeper recesses of your soul, but you will also unveil the higher Light within you that has the ability to defeat those deeper fears. The higher you go, the deeper you go, and so it goes. This is why the more you heal, the harder life can seem to be for a while, and also why it is of utmost importance to continually cultivate your faith in the Creator to get you through the struggles, for every struggle will eventually lead to a victory if you keep your faith. The process of healing is such that the deeper you go the more strength, grace, integrity and power you build through your Light within to enable you to go even deeper.

So remember this, all fears are transmuted with love. In order to transmute and transform those fears into love, you must face those fears with faith in your connection to the perfection of Source Creator. Each fear you transmute will allow greater levels of love to enter your energy field, giving you the power to heal on even deeper levels. Through it all, know that you are love and that fear is the illusion that love dissolves. It doesn’t matter what you have created with fear. Do not dwell on it. Just know that Love has the power to heal all fear and YOU are that Love.

Healing Our Relationships By Balancing Our Chakras

Healing Our Relationships By Balancing Our Chakras

Today we live in a world where harmonious relationships are the exception, not the rule. If we’re not getting divorced or jumping from one relationship to another we’re living in misery constantly at eachother’s throats. Now, that may seem somewhat extreme, but really it’s not too far from the truth. Why is this?

Our chakra system holds the key.

Within the human body we have seven chakras, with five (some say six) transcendental chakras that rise up above the physical body towards Spirit. These chakras carry information about who we are and determine how we express ourselves. When any of our chakras are blocked or spinning incorrectly they affect how we show up in the world.

Caveat: What I’m about to reveal will probably challenge the worldview of some people, but my only loving intention is to share information that could change the way we view relationships for the better.

Whilst I agree that masculine and feminine is not about man and woman and we all carry both energies, I think it’s fair to say that in duality men carry more masculine energy, and women carry more feminine energy. The purpose of relationship is that when man and woman come together in partnership they transcend the individual to form a greater whole. Their combined energies are designed to create balance; the two become one. When the partnership is in balance, the two fit together perfectly, like two pieces of a jigsaw. One part of the jigsaw piece juts out, while the other offers a space for the piece to fit into. One part of the jigsaw is receptive, while the other is active. So too, is this the case with the chakras of the human body.

Almost all the chakras in the human body are dominated by either masculine or feminine energies.

The root chakra is associated with survival and financial stability. It presides over our basic material needs. This chakra is dominated by masculine energy, which is the reason why throughout time immemorial men have naturally been the gender responsible for ensuring the material survival of the family.

The sacral chakra is associated with nurturing, caring and sexual arousal and is predominantly feminine and receptive. This is why women are naturally the caregivers of the family, nurturing both their male counterparts and their children.

The solar plexus is associated with personal power, strength and action. It creates your sense of self esteem and determines your will power to get things done in the world. Because it is an active chakra it is predominantly masculine.

The heart chakra is also a receptive chakra, like the sacral. It determines our ability to express love. It connects the lower chakras which preside in the physical world, with the more spiritual chakras which reside above the heart chakra. Because it is a connective chakra the energy is predominantly feminine.
The throat chakra is predominantly masculine and it’s from this chakra that we outwardly express ourselves through our voice. It is where our emotions are given shape so to speak (pun intended).

The third eye chakra is the seat of our intuition and so is associated predominantly with feminine qualities. It is here that we receive extra-sensory perceptions that transcend the physical. From here we transcend the ego and connect with those things outside of ourselves that dwell in the unseen.

Finally, the crown chakra is the exception. It is neither masculine nor feminine, or one might say it is both. This chakra transcends duality and reaches up towards Oneness consciousness. From here we search for the deeper meaning of Self. It is both active and passive, trusting in the higher Spiritual flow of life.

Whilst each chakra is not entirely masculine or feminine we can see that all but our crown chakra is dominated by one or the other. In order to find balance within ourselves, we need to ensure that each chakra is able to express itself as nature/universal law intended. We need to seek balance between the masculine and feminine energies within to be a whole being.

So how does this affect our relationships? How do we retain our balance and wholeness whilst in union with another?

For the sake of this article I’m going to assume that the relationship is between a man and a women, although in reality the same principle still applies to same sex relationships. In both cases balance is necessary for harmony to exist. After all, everything in Creation is constantly seeking balance.

When a man and woman form a partnership they must find balance between themselves in order for the relationship to work. And by work I mean for the relationship to be one that is loving and harmonious, free from chaos and friction.

How many relationships do we see fail in this day and age? And how many people do we see stay together for the sake of the family, even though it’s not working? What is the cause of all this imbalance in relationships?

As I hinted at earlier, the first thing one must examine in order to answer these questions is the state of the combined chakra system. For a relationship to work in duality the man and woman must be able to express their energies as nature intended. Women are more feminine and men are more masculine. Therefore, in a relationship the man should be free to express his masculine chakras more dominantly, and vice versa.

So what happens if a woman is forced to be the breadwinner, and is leaned upon to take care of the material (which usually means financial) needs of the family? Imbalance will result because according to the way the chakras are designed to work it is the male who should dominate in this area. If the woman is putting more of her energy into the base chakra to make up for the shortfall of her man then she will begin to feel depleted in other areas and resentment will take root and grow. On the other side of the coin it’s likely that the male with feel emasculated and so may fall into depression. All of this leads to chaos and disharmony in the relationship. The energy flow between the couple is out of balance.

Likewise, problems are likely to surface if a male channels more energy into the sacral chakra than his female counterpart. The result is the same whether he is forced to due to a lack of interest from the female, or if due to his own internal imbalance he chooses to channel his energy there rather than say the base chakra or the solar plexus. The result again is imbalance, leading to resentment and disharmony.
So, if you’re having issues in your relationship and want to know how to heal it, first consider how you and your partner’s chakras are interacting. Is the female counterpart allowed to channel more energy into the feminine chakras and is the male counterpart able to channel the right proportion of energy into the masculine chakras? Only when the chakras are balanced in the way nature intended can true lasting harmony persist within a relationship.

The big mistake of the feminist movement was trying to persuade women that they need to be more like men in order to be considered equal. No! In order for the genders to find true equality they need to be free to express their energies as nature intended. Women carry more feminine energy and so are naturally more receptive. Men carry more masculine energy and so are more active. Yes, it’s not completely black and white, but for relationships to thrive we must consider this closely and take care to ensure the proper flow of energy between the chakras. When we do there will be more peace and harmony in the world!

How To Heal Your Mental Body

How To Heal Your Mental Body

Our outer physical body is a manifestation of our inner consciousness. It is the product of the thoughts that make up our belief system. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our thoughts will eventually manifest in our outer world. In order for healing in our outer world to be anything more than a temporary fix we must transmute the origins of the dis-ease in our mental body. Otherwise, our outer symptoms will eventually return to reflect our inner turmoil. The bottom line is we must change our consciousness.

Not all imbalances in our mental body will have obvious manifestations in our physical body. Some may manifest more obviously in our emotional body and/or the circumstances we create in our lives. To use myself as an example, I am from a single parent family of a white mother and black father. I didn’t know my father growing up and neither did my mother speak of him. This fostered in me a deep sense of abandonment and confusion, on account of having no male influence and no connection to my black heritage. In order to cope on the mental and emotional levels I developed a prejudice against black men. This was a mental sickness. I was a child with black ancestry who for all intents and purposes was racist! Although not something I was proud of or shared with many, it was a belief system I held well into my twenties. Only when I immersed myself in African culture did I somehow find the ‘cure’. By surrounding myself with black men was I able to transmute the negative core belief that had plagued me for most of my life. It was that simple… immersion.

Your mental body lives in duality. It is ultimately conscious of both sides, but is easily conditioned and influenced to favor certain attitudes, especially when you are young and vulnerable. In my case, not only did I protect myself from a sense of abandonment through the formation of warped beliefs, my attitudes were also shaped by the fact that I grew up in an area where covert racism was the norm. When I travelled the world I didn’t consciously decide that I was going to heal my mental affliction, it seemed to just happen, but with hindsight I learned something fundamental that allows me to help others with their own transformations.

In your quest to heal negative attitudes and beliefs there are certain holistic therapies that can directly help you heal the mental body, although it’s important to note that any healing that takes place in the mental realm also affects the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Everything is connected.

Here are three examples:

Dance and Music Therapy

Do you feel a sense of joy and exhilaration when you dance to your their favorite music? I’m guessing yes! Dance Therapy has been used as a complementary energy medicine since the 1940’s and is thought to help alleviate symptoms of depression and promote overall health. I would have to confirm this based on my own experience of using dance and music to lift my mood. It’s fun!


Hypnotherapy is often used to treat trauma, depression and addiction. Hypnotherapy is said to be effective because it accesses the subconscious mind, not just the conscious mind. Therefore, it treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms that show up in the conscious mind which is typically accounts for only 10%. Hypnotherapy reaches the deeper levels of mental issues that are buried and often completely blanked out as a result of some traumatic experience, and opens the space to remove any blockages.
Hypnotherapy helps to remove the underlying blocks in the mental and emotional bodies, thus making affirmations more effective. It is only our mental and emotional blockages that prevent our positive affirmations from manifesting.

Light & Sound

Light and Sound therapy works by balancing the chakras and bringing the bodies into alignment with their natural harmonics. Each part of our energy system has a unique rate of vibration. When any aspect is out of sync, ill health can occur. In simple terms, sound and light therapy works by restoring our natural resonance and continued use trains our bodies to vibrate at their natural frequencies.

Whatever beliefs or attitudes you have that are holding you back from your highest joy and excitement, find a way to shift your consciousness to believe the opposite. Surround yourself with people who have healthy attitudes and avoid those who feed your negative beliefs. If your goal is to heal a dis-ease in the physical body, surround yourself with people who believe you can heal. Avoid those that feed your fear or tell you ‘it’s not possible!’. No! Anything is possible if you believe! Your thoughts create your reality. You may have to make some difficult decisions to withdraw from certain people, but in order to successfully transmute negative beliefs you must leave behind ALL that does not serve you. Make everything you do, read and say affirm the positive mental attitude you want to cultivate. Know this, even the most ingrained and extreme negative attitudes can be transformed, and quickly. What generally takes the time is finding the willpower to initiate the change. Once you make the commitment to heal, that healing is well within your grasp. Plant the seeds in your mental body and eventually those seeds will grow and flourish in all aspects of your being. Before you know it you will be transformed.

Ahtayaa Leigh is a Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer and creator of the Energy Healing Practitioner Course. Following the call of Great Spirit she has travelled the world participating in light activations and global healings. Her life work is committed to supporting others on their journey of awakening.
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Why Spiritual Practice Is Essential For Long Term Healing

Why Spiritual Practice Is Essential For Long Term Healing

What does it really mean to be healed? Healing is a form transmutation or transformation; changing form. When you heal yourself, you transform yourself, transmuting that which does not serve you. You take ‘dis-ease’ and transform it into health.

True healing is a lifetime endeavour, not a temporary fix. If you want to live a life of health and vitality it requires you to make a lifestyle commitment. You must think and act in a way that intends your highest good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at all times. Treating the physical symptoms alone will not do. After all, any ‘dis-ease’ that has manifested physical symptoms has it’s origins in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms. In fact, the ‘dis-ease’ manifested on those levels first.

cornelis-pietersz-beda-the-alchemist-1663If you self heal and/or heal others then you’re an Alchemist. You’re taking an illness that is symbolically and energetically dense like a stone (think Philosopher’s stone) and turning it into gold (or Light). Consider the symbolism of Alchemy. An Alchemist is depicted hard at work in his (or her) laboratory as he (or she) goes about the ‘Great Work’. Emphasis here on the word ‘work’. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could simply be touched by a guru or take a magic potion and all of our woes would disappear? Some might think so, but the truth is, alchemy is hard work that requires lifelong commitment on a daily basis. The work doesn’t end until you re-unite with the Divine Source, and we all still have a long way to go. So, until we complete the work, we must constantly and consistently expend energy towards our spiritual goals. Every healing brings us that little bit closer to the purity that is Source.

With this bigger picture in mind, it’s important to maintain a daily Spiritual practice. Here are 8 suggestions for cleansing and healing practices you can easily incorporate into your spiritual routine to bring more health and wellness into your life:

  1. Meditation should absolutely be a part of your daily practice. Meditation helps you connect to your higher self and to Great Spirit, which is the origin of all healing. Deep breathing exercises balance your mind, body and soul making you a clear channel for Divine healing power. When you are channeling the energy of the Universe you can direct its flow with your intention to the parts of yourself that need healing.
  2. Pray – Prayer does not need to be associated with any particular religion, however there IS a reason why prayer is an integral part of all religious practices. Prayer opens the heart and prepares you for meditation. Make prayer a regular part of your daily routine. The best times to pray are when you wake up, when you retire for the night and before meditation. I repeat the Lord’s Prayer and a version of the same prayer that has been adapted to honor our Earth Mother. You don’t have to be Christian to benefit from repeating the Lord’s Prayer. I’m not. However I do acknowledge the mystical and alchemical power rooted in its words and sound, free of any dogma.
  3. Bless your food – You may think that praying before a meal is somewhat dogmatic, but you’ll find that this religious practice actually has it’s origins in alchemy. By giving thanks for your food you are channeling the energy of gratitude into it, and thus when you ingest the food that intention is taken into your body, blessing every cell. Here is an example of a non-secular prayer/blessing: “Thank you Great Spirit/Universe/God [whatever feels comfortable to you] for providing me with this food. May it bless my body, every cell, sending the message that ‘I’m sorry, please forgive, thank you, I love you’. I give thanks to all beings that have made this meal possible, and wish all beings to be happy, nourished and free. Amen”.
    You can also bless your food when preparing it with the use of sound. For example, when I’m preparing food or drink I chant ‘Peace’ three times over it. Three is the number that manifests in the material dimension (3rd dimension), and so it is said that repeating an intention three times manifests that intention into physical reality. The number three connects the body, soul and spirit. If you know the work of Dr. Emoto you will appreciate the power of sound and loving intention on the molecular structure of water.
  4. Pillar of Light meditation – This is particularly important if you are a practicing healer or therapist of any kind. Every day you will interact with the energy fields of others, some of which will inevitably drain your own energy field. Start your day by visualising a pillar of bright white light surrounding you. See that pillar of light centred in your heart centre, reaching right up to the Universal Source or Heart of God and right down into the Heart of Mother Earth, grounding you in both directions. This will protect you from negative entities in the astral realm. There are some people that believe protection is not needed; that it actually attracts the very entities you are asking to be protected from. This may or may not be true, but I can say from personal experience that I have found protection to be essential in my energy work.
  5. Violet Fire meditation – This is a powerful meditation for the transmutation of negative energy, including past karma. You can visualise violet light surrounding you and filling your aura and/or repeat the mantra ‘I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires’.
  6. Create an altar or power place – Create a space in your house that is set aside as sacred. It may be a corner of your bedroom or a room in your house. Having a special place where you connect with the Divine intensifies your experience and intention during prayer and meditation.
  7. Walk in nature – Touch ground with bare feet every day. Hug a tree.
    You know the drill. 🙂 Building a relationship with elemental energies such as fairies and the green man are beneficial for keeping yourself grounded and supported in the density of the physical world.
  8. Cleanse your energy field regularly – A favoured technique of mine to cleanse my auric field is smudging with white sage. I also love using Copal, which is a resin popular in Mayan culture. If you don’t have white sage or copal you can also use myrrh, frankincense, lavender or juniper. Secondly, you can fill a spray bottle with blessed water and a touch of essential oils such as rose or lavender. The use of rose water is a favourite of mine for a cleansing spritz.

By maintaining a spiritual practice not only will you support your healing, you’ll find gnosis; the direct experience of Divine Truth.

I’ve provided a few suggestions here, but I’d love to learn what you practice on a daily or weekly basis to keep yourself a clean and clear channel?

Your comments shared below are very much appreciated.

Ahtayaa Leigh is a Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer and creator of the Energy Healing Practitioner Course. Following the call of Great Spirit she has travelled the world participating in light activations and global healings. Her life work is committed to supporting others on their journey of awakening.
Connect with Ahtayaa on Facebook at Ahtayaa Leigh.